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Fun Whimsical Art

The Seattle Cats Cat Rock Kimali

Hi my name is Jake Hose,

I am a whimsical artist from the Seattle Washington area who’s been creating artwork since 1994. Since then, my work has been sold to over 60 stores, galleries, the Seattle Space Needle, museums, featured on TV, and have been talked about on the radio….

Artist Jake Hose and Kimberly Hose

My wife Kim and I have also have participated in nearly 150 arts and crafts shows since 2006, and have art licensing deals with companies internationally.

You can find my work hanging throughout homes and children’s rooms, in businesses and office spaces throughout America and in parts of the world.

Kim has also released a new line of high quality whimsical tote bags with my art on them called Kimali. Each beautiful bag is meticulously hand made using our exclusive fabrics in the Pacific Northwest, and are available in limited quantities, they are SOLD OUT!

Everything here on this website is for sale and can be shipped directly to you. We offer a variety of high quality Giclee paper prints, canvas Giclee prints, greeting cards, and Kimali tote bags. Every canvas and paper Giclee print on this website is also hand printed and signed by me the artist.

If you have any questions about our artwork please let us know and let’s keep in touch by joining our newsletter!