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Jake Hose and Kimberly Hose

Jake and Kim

About the Artist Jake Hose-

Born in 1973, Jake Hose was attracted to art and music at an early age. He began to draw consistently throughout his childhood and into his early adulthood. In his 20’s he started to paint with acrylic paints on canvas and on the back of glass along with creating detailed pen and ink drawings.

During this time he began to work as a designer for a local frame shop and eventually learned the art of framing and designed beautiful work for museums, galleries and interior decorators for many years.

He also learned how to play the guitar and sing, eventually writing his own music that lead him to perform in a few local rock bands and recording his own music projects.

His artistic interests have been vast with special interests and study in animation, vector art, digital art, graphic design, web design, and as a martial arts practitioner during his 20’s and 30’s.

With this wide variety of artistic influences and knowledge, has helped him to gain a deep awareness and love for creativity and the arts in general.

Today, Jake Hose is a full time professional artist residing in the Seattle Washington area and has been involved in creating and selling art for over 20 years. He is well known in Washington for his fun and whimsical style of artwork including the popular Seattle Cats series.

His professional resume includes participating in over 125 arts and crafts shows, along with selling art in over 60 stores including the Space Needle LLC.

About Kimali-

Kimali Brand by Kimberly Hose

Kimberly Hose - Kimali

Kimali was an idea of Kimberly Hose, the wife of the artist. Her idea was to design a quality tote bag that was stylish, functional, and incorporated her husband’s artwork. Since Kimali’s establishment in October of 2016, its debut has created quite a following due to the bag’s being hand made in the Pacific Northwest. This is including (custom made and exclusively designed) fabrics that proudly display Jake’s artwork on them.

About the Company- 

The Jake Hose Company art booth

The Jake Hose Company was started in Washington State back in 2002 by the artist, since then, it has become an art company that is involved in online retail doing business as Fun Whimsical Art. The company currently works with sales reps that manage a variety of store accounts in the state of Washington.

The Jake Hose Company also participates in many local community events around the Seattle Washington area by showcasing an art booth filled with many different products. The company has recently branched out with a partnership with an art licensing agent through Art Licensing International.