About Jake Hose and Kimberly Hose

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About Jake Hose:

Since 1994 Jake Hose has entertained his audience with a sense of humor, wit and creativity. He has been involved in many creative disciplines spanning; martial arts, singer/song writing, picture framing, and as a visual artist.

Jake Hose is best known for his eclectic style of music and his fun whimsical art featuring the Seattle Cats series, iconic imagery of the Pacific Northwest, as well as a wide variety of fantastical imagery.

His line of whimsical greeting cards, prints and original artwork has successfully sold in galleries, museums, gift shops and at over 150 arts and crafts shows. Jake’s work has also been licensed on a variety of products internationally.

About Kimberly Hose:

Kimberly Hose


Kimberly Hose is the wife of the artist and inspiration, she has helped set up art shows, package products, communicate with store accounts and founded a brand called Kimali that featured Jake's artwork on various products.