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How the art is made:

Jake’s whimsical art is fun and lighthearted yet below the surface can be very complex regarding his use of methods and techniques. Though Jake’s style is playful and whimsical his painting techniques are tedious and difficult to execute and have been heavily influenced by the illumination techniques used by master artists from the Northern Renaissance Era.

Jake starts with a basic idea that forms into a series of pencil sketches that are arranged into what he calls a “master composition” with great emphasis on symmetry of line, form, color and texture. He then uses this "blueprint" to determine the color direction, texture, light source(s), shadows, mood and the overall flow of each piece.

Jake also enjoys creating whimsical artwork that has great depth and visual storytelling and relates his broad and dynamic use of color to the instruments in a symphony, creating layers of consonant and dissonant sounds and textures, creating rhythmic vibrations using color on the visual field.

This is no easy task for each painting takes from 30 to 50 hours to complete while others can take over 100 hours to finish like the well-known painting in the Seattle Cats Series called If Seattle were Venice that took approximately 175 hours and four months to finish.

The majority of work Jake creates has been with traditional acrylic paint that has been thinned with varnish to a precise flow and applied using meticulous layers of thinly applied paint onto canvas. Black lines are painted solely by hand using a very thin brush, the right room temperature, and a very calm hand.

Some originals have over 20 layers of thinly applied paint designed to bounce light, to create volume, and absorb light, to create depth. If done right will create a three dimensional illusion similar to the way a stain glass bounces and refracts light within the layers of the glass.

When finished, the artwork is then delivered to a studio and professionally photographed by a master photographer, for his artwork is very hard to photograph properly due to the many layers of varnish.

Jake also experiments with hybrid painting techniques, determined by the project, using traditionally painted backgrounds that are scanned into the computer and digitally painted over using the same meticulous and creative direction used in his traditional paintings.

Other artworks have been completely created digitally using as little of the functions within the programs to maintain the organic balance of the natural "control and chaos" within his original work that he and his collectors love.


About our 11x14 Giclee fine art prints:

Each high quality 11x14 giclee print is made using high grade UV fade resistant inks and archival heavyweight paper that is designed to provide bright and sharp image duplication. Each collectable print is hand made by the artist and is hand autographed in the lower right hand side and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The artwork has an approximate ½ inch white boarder around the image to help in the matting process if you wish to do so; unless the image is square then the boarder will be larger.

They are then packaged using an archival backing board, suitable in the use of framing, and wrapped in a clear protective sleeve. They are easy to frame in a standard 11x14 frame size and also look amazing matted out to a larger frame size. Your giclee prints will be shipped flat to help in the ease of framing and handling of the artwork without buckling or waving in the frame.


About our fine art canvas giclee prints:

Every effort has been made to create a collectable grade, fine art giclee on canvas at an affordable price. Our canvas giclee prints are hand made by the artist using high quality UV pigmented inks on special canvas that is archival, water resistant, and lightly varnished. Unlike cheaper giclee canvas prints, yours will not smudge and are designed to resist color shifting, surface scuffing and fading over time.

After each canvas has been printed, it then goes through a drying/curing time then it is hand stretched over ¾ inch deep wooden, kiln dried, stretcher bars. The artwork is then wrapped around the sides in a gallery wrap style and fitted with a wire. After the canvas has been properly stretched the canvas giclee is then hand signed in the lower right hand corner and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back.

Framing is not necessary for your fine art canvas giclee print however if you wish to do so they look amazing with a frame as well.


About our hand embellished canvas giclee prints:

This special edition of canvas artwork is made using the same process as our other canvas giclees, however the artist hand paints directly onto the canvas with layers of finely detailed brush strokes, colored paint, and beautiful embellishments. The result is a collectable grade fine art canvas giclee that is considered an original with gorgeous brushwork and surface texture. Each of these special collectable canvas prints is available in very low limited editions.


About Ordering Online:

Shipping Time: Your order is shipped normally within 3 business days, unless your product is out of stock it could add a few more days, and we will email you with a tracking number via email.

Shipping Method: Your order is shipped via Priority Mail, unless requested otherwise, in the Continental United States regarding prints and greeting cards.

International Shipping: is also available for an additional price.

Guarantee: If for any reasons you are not completely satisfied with your order you will receive a complete refund if your order is returned within 5 business days from receiving your order. A business check will be sent to you by standard mail.

Watermarks in Art: All watermarks and logos are removed from your art before shipping.

Giclee Print: According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a Giclee print is;

1 : a process by which high-quality prints (see print entry 1 sense 6b) are produced using an ink-jet printer Hayes' festival painting displays a coastal scene with vibrantly dressed people searching for oysters. The piece is printed using giclée, a process that involves squirting microscopic dots of ink onto fine-quality archival paper or canvas. The ink is actually absorbed into the paper, giving the piece a look very close to the original. — The Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Sun-News, 12 Oct. 2006

2 or giclée print : a print produced by the giclée process The high end of inkjet printing is the giclée print … . The name is derived from the French verb “gicler” meaning to squirt, or more accurately in this case, an extremely fine spray of many different sized droplets. This application of overlapping dots of ink mixes, forming additional color combinations. The application of the inks in this printing process is so fine that there are no discernible dots or droplets on the final print.— Steven Bleicher, Contemporary Color: Theory and Use, 2012 Giclées are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. — Marjorie Wertz, The Tribune-Review (Greensburg, Pennsylvania), 2 Oct. 2005

About the Jake Hose Company:

Our company was founded in 2002 in Washington State and is a fully licensed and authorized art dealer for Jake Hose art and also works under the name of Fun Whimsical Art.

Address: Our return mail only address is:

701 43rd Ave SE F307

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Kimali: Kimali was founded in 2017 by Kimberly Hose and specializes in tote bags and other products that utilize custom fabric designed by Jake Hose.

About this Website: was founded in 2006.