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Date: 1-11-19

The new children's book called Grimes Halloween Adventure is now available in a Kindle version or a softcover on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Grimes-Halloween-Adventure-Jake-Hose-ebook/dp/B07MP1PV5V/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1546537305&sr=1-4

Grimes Halloween Adventure children's book by Jake Hose

Date: 11-5-18

Halloween Cats by artwork by Jake Hose

The new Halloween Cats is out now and is available in the following options; an autographed 11x14 inch giclee print on paper (10x10 inch image size), a 20x20 inch autographed canvas giclee print and a 20x20 inch hand embellished canvas giclee print limited edition of only 30. Click here for more information.


Date: 10-29-18

Our very first children’s book called Grimes Halloween Adventure, featuring Grimes the cat, is being professionally edited at the moment. It includes 32 high quality illustrations, written and illustrated by Jake Hose.

Below is the book cover:

Grimes Halloween Adventure children's book by Jake Hose

Grimes Halloween Adventure is intended for ages 6-8 years old and is filled with some valuable life lessons for children that are inter-weaved within an adventurous and comical storytelling.

Below is a sample illustration:

Grimes the Cat Children's book illustration by Jake Hose

Release date: Grimes Halloween Adventure should be available in soft cover late 2018 and will be available to purchase on Amazon.com!


Date: 10-29-18

New Cinco De Mayo art just released! Available now in 11x14 signed art prints and on canvas are two new artworks!

Cinco De Mayo with Cactus by Jake Hose

Cinco De Mayo with Cactus order here!

Cinco De Mayo with Chihuahuas by Jake Hose

Cinco De Mayo with Chihuahuas order here!